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Incontinence and Constipation: TEST

Write answers in the space provided

1.) What are some causes of both bowel and urinary incontinence?

a. Muscle weakness, confusion, or medication reactions

b. Laziness, poor manners, or meanness

c. Stupidity, uncooperativeness, and sloppiness

2.) Scheduled toileting, prompted voiding, and habit training are:

a. Not encouraged by physicians, nurses, or state regulations

b. Responsibilities of the nurse or facility manager, not the attendant

c. Recommended behavioral treatment for urinary incontinence

d. Too time-consuming to be practical

3.) For the best bowel function, we should consume how much dietary fiber every day?

a. 10-15 grams

b. 25-30 grams

c. 45-50 grams

4.) Kegel exercises are done by:

a. Circling the ankles around and around and the up and down

b. Lowering the chin to the chest, then turning the head side to side

c. Tightening the pelvic muscles that control the flow of urine

5.) Urinary catheters are often recommended to treat urinary incontinence.

(True or False)

6.) Bowel retraining and behavioral treatments for urinary incontinence usually work quickly, fixing the problem within a week or less.

(True or False)

7.) Most fruits and beans contain higher dietary fiber than white breads and rice.

(True or False)

8.) It is important too keep patients with urinary or bowel incontinence clean and dry so their skin is protected from developing sores.

(True or False)

9.) Habit training can be used to help both uriniary or bowel incontinence.

It consists of:

a. Assisting the patient to the bathroom every two to four hours.

b. Checking the patient often and asking him if he wants to use the bathroom.

c. Assisting the patient ti the bathroom at scheduled times every day.

d. Writing the patient's habits down on a form.

10.) Stress incontinence might cause urine to leak when someone sneezes or laughs.

(True or False)

11.) A person who has a bowel movement only three or four times a week is constipated.

(True or False)

12.) A patient with incontinence should be treated as an adult, with dignity.

(True or False)

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