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Infection Control Guidelines: TEST

Fill in the correct answer in the spaces provided.

1.) If a client has the flu, you should use the following Additional Precautions:

a. No Additional Precautions are necessary.

b. Wear a mask, gown, gloves, and goggles whenever you are in the client's room.

c. Wear a mask when working close to the client.

d. Isolate the client from all contact with others.

2.) You should use Standard Precautions when:

a. A client appears to be sick.

b. Doing all client care.

c. You are sick.

d. You know the client has AIDS or hepatitis.

3.) When disposing of a needle or other sharp object, always:

a. Place it carefully in a biohazard puncture-proof container without touching the sharp end.

b. Recap it very carefully.

c. Leave it alone and tell your supervisor.

4.) When changing a bed or handling linens, the correct Standard Precautions procedure is to:

a. Shake out the linens to remove any objects or dirt.

b. Place the used linens on the floor or a table.

c. Wash linens soiled with body fluids separately from other laundry.

d. Roll the dirty linens up and hold them away from you until they can be placed in a laundry bag.

5.) If a client has an infected wound, use the following Additional Precautions:

a. Standard Precautions are good enough.

b. Wear a gown, gloves, mask, and goggles while in the client's room.

c. The client should not go to the dining room until the wound is healed.

d. Put gloves on before entering the client's room and remove them right before leaving.

6.) Clients may share walkers, wheelchairs, and other equipment without worrying about cleaning it

between clients.

(True or False)

7.) Write the four types of disease transmission:

8.) List the four basic rules of Standard Precautions:

9.) Standard Precautions only protect against airborne diseases. For bloodborne, contact, and droplet

transmission, Additional Precautions must be used.

(True or False)

10.) Airborne germs, like tuberculosis, can travel long distances through the air.

(True or False)

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